Oct 272010

So the 2011 Sustainability Report Cards are out, and Pitt has moved up to a B-!

Major pieces which seem to have given us a leg up are the inclusion of the Mascaro Center’s efforts into the surveys – summer researchers and a lot of money, the completion of the endowment survey (which gave us an A in one category, though we still have a D and an F in others), and the successful start of the Green Fund. We maintain high marks in Food and in Transportation (though to get an A in buildings I suspect we would need a policy rather than just a history).

We still get a C in climate, even with the installation of the Carrillo steam plant – the report card values commitments as much or more than just changes, and Pitt is sorely lacking for commitments in most of these categories. We are also primarily lacking in how we deal with our endowment, both in terms of proxy votes and in terms of transparency – perhaps the Pitt OpenBooks project will help this if it succeeds?

In any case, I’d consider this a great success, particularly in light of all that is happening this year that wasn’t reported. Thanks to all those who helped fill out surveys – and we should have a meeting of the minds on campus to discuss what this report card thinks we could do better as a guide for this year (also including the city’s CAP).


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  1. Has anybody thought of putting together a press release for this to The Pitt News or University Times? Maybe we can reach out to other universities via PSEC and jointly submit something to the Post Gazette.



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