Jan 122011

In a very interesting study by McGill Univserity’s Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, researchers looked at bike use in the Canadian city of Montreal.  Researchers installed under-the-concrete bike counters and discovered:

  1. Weather affects bike use (rain and very humid or cool weather causes lulls in bicycle use, for example)
  2. Investment in bike paths or lanes actually increases bike use

Ridership in Montreal study areas has increased almost 40% since 2008 and there may even be some bike congestion in the coming years!

This is great news for most cities, where traffic congestion and pollution are major problems and alternative transportation methods are being explored.  Not only are bikes a carbon-free means of transport, they are also a way for citizens to remain physically active.  Now cities need to invest in their biking infrastructure!

Growing up in a small town in WI, there were days when I wouldn’t have minded biking to school, but I was never going to bike on the 2′ wide gravel shoulder next to the highway leading into town.  I always wished they would have put in even a basic path for bikers.  Pittsburgh is a pretty nice city to bike in, but there are definitely roads I avoid biking on and places I wish they’d put in some nice paths- not just for leisure, but for commuting.  I know it’s difficult with limited space to expand to, but how about bike trails between Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, and Oakland?

Where would you like to see improved bike transportation?


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