Engineers for a Sustainable World is a national non-profit which brings together technically minded people to impact problems of sustainability both locally and globally. While projects vary between chapters, ESW at Pitt is focused primarily on local and on-campus efforts, on the grounds that in working towards a sustainable world, there is as much of a need to reduce the impacts of the developed world as to bring basic standards of living to less developed nations.


Our projects at ESW-Pitt are both locally oriented via the Oakland Green Team and various educational events, and regionally oriented through current work in McKeesport and past work in Vandergrift. We also regularly propose and receive project funding from the Pitt Green Fund. We are primarily engineering and science majors, though anyone is welcome (so long as you aren’t scared of numbers :-P). Our on-campus projects tend to be shorter, and in the past have often been simply collecting data on wasted energy or whether new technology is actually being used. We also participate in educational and environmental fairs, both on-campus and with local educational groups.

ESW meets every Thursday, in Benedum G30. We have food occasionally, speakers every month or so (with events posted on this site). If you can’t make that time, you should still get on our mailing list and join a project, as they will also meet outside of the general meeting times.

For more information, contact me (AlexTD) or or email the group at

You can also find us on Facebook here

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