Nov 032011

It’s registration time again! I’ve always forgotten, but I want to post up a list of courses you can take next semester that are related to sustainability – and while there’s a very large list on the forums, I want this to be a list of courses people actively recommend for eco-minded folks. With that […]

Apr 232011

The 4th Annual Student Sustainability Symposium was yesterday. Moving away from live-bloggin the talks (which, for all that it has a certain interesting tone, is more sensible if people are reading it live), we present instead this recap of the various presentations, many of which are projects which will end up in our library for […]

Mar 092011

So Gov. Corbett released his budget today, and it contains large cuts to education (as with many other states). It is available here, along with older budgets for comparison (use the slide presentations for pie charts). This includes cutting the State-related schools appropriation by 50%, something I’m sure we’ll see a lot of discussion on […]

Mar 012011

Exciting news from the Sustainability Subcomittee (SusC): Facilities Management has created an official sustainability coordinator position in Dan Marcinko, as well as a position for managing energy initiatives on Pitt’s campuses (Laura Zullo). They also showcased 3 other individuals whose job focus is on sustainability – one focusing on green buildings and LEED, one on […]

Dec 142010

So a few months ago I started a series on ‘Why This Matters to _____’ (more posts coming on that – and you can help write them!). The other series I had in mind is one detailing Pitt’s efforts to be more sustainable/green/eco-friendly. Now seems a good time to launch that, both because I’ll have […]

Nov 222010
Blue, Gold, & Green Event Survey

For anyone who’s been around Pitt’s environmental scene for more than a year, the Blue, Gold, & Green events are one of the highlights of the spring semester – they’re an opportunity to see what people are up to, an opportunity for student groups to compete by building booths, and, with the inclusion of the […]

Oct 302010
Frack University: Recap

So I’m here at the Frack University event, put together by PSEC, FtP, SDS and MarcellusProtest and I figured I’d do some writing on what’s happening. The first panel was with three women (it’s mostly women here – and at most FtP meetings. Why is that?), two from Lincoln Place and the third from the […]

Oct 272010

So the 2011 Sustainability Report Cards are out, and Pitt has moved up to a B-! Major pieces which seem to have given us a leg up are the inclusion of the Mascaro Center’s efforts into the surveys – summer researchers and a lot of money, the completion of the endowment survey (which gave us […]

Oct 142010

So there has been Discussion of a sustainability gen ed, and/or changing current classes to include more sustainability content, and/or creating more classes. Key question here: what defines a sustainability class? I’d submit this, but your comments (and alternate experiences) are welcome. A Sustainability class: Defines sustainability, and has at least a brief discussion of […]

Extra! Extra!

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Sep 262010
Extra! Extra!

Pitt Green Fund Pilot Underway! The Pitt Green Fund team has been hard at work over the past few weeks, and now that the Student Sustainable Projects Committee has been formed we are ready to get this show on the road! We have the money on its way, we have the people to make it […]